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How Working with AI Helps Me Develop a New Style, While Still Being True to Myself

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Recently I have been dipping my toes into the AI imaging world and although at first I was skeptical about using it l soon understood the way it can be used as a (powerful) tool and the potential it holds.

As a digital painter, working with a tool such as AI can be incredibly creatively rewarding. In fact, it can be used just like any other tool in your artistic arsenal. It’s all about how you choose to use it.

l believe that the medium you choose to work with can have a significant impact on the style of your art. For example, when i used to work with oil paints, my style was very different then when i started using digital tools (like Photoshop, other Adobe tools). The same goes for when using an AI generator.

As you practice and work with it, you may find that you begin to develop your own unique style that is influenced by the medium, but still remaining true to your artistic vision. This style may be different from anything you’ve created before and that is for me, the most beautiful gift because it enables me to reinvent myself.

Ultimately, the medium you choose to work with is just one factor that can influence your artistic style. As you continue to practice and develop your skills, you’ll likely find that your style evolves and changes over time, influenced by a variety of factors including your own creative vision, the tools you use, and your personal experiences and influences.

But no matter what medium l choose to work with, the soul of my art – my unique perspective and vision – will remain (more or less) the same. Every new tool or medium offers the opportunity to explore new artistic possibilities and to discover and develop your own unique style.

to be continued….

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