Visual Chic: Image and Style Consult Expertise

Choosing the right art for your space can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetics and atmosphere. As an artist and stylist l can help you define your own style and choose the right art in order to enhance various spaces.In this consult we will cover the following:

Understanding You, your taste and the kind of art that would fit well. I will evaluate the space where the art will be placed and help you by suggesting art pieces that complement the existing design. Based on your preferences and the space analysis, l will present different art styles that might work well.

We will explore various mediums such as paintings, prints, sculptures, and digital art and size and proportion. l will guide you in selecting the right size of art for your space. We will go over the color schemes in both the art and the room. I can help you understand how certain colors can evoke different emotions and how they can tie into the overall theme. Based on the conversation, l narrow down the options and present a few art pieces that you think would be a great fit. 

l can provide guidance on where and how to acquire the art works. This might involve galleries, online platforms, or local artists.

Before the consult l will ask you to fill in a form so that l cab get a good idea of your special needs and desires.


1,5 hour online consult 185 euro 

half day consult 475 euro